I found this book amongst a collection that was left by the previous owners of the house where my brother-in-law grew up, which was located in Los Angeles.  His parents bought the house in the 50's from a family named Cook.  The books range from 1890's to 1950's.  Many are biblical commentaries as I believe Cook was a pastor.  I have been fascinated by these books since I was a child, but just recently I picked up this particular tome and discovered its secret.  In the margins, a previous owner, Monica Girard wrote a diary dated Aug. 1903 - Apr. 1904, which she dedicated to a Nettie Bryant.  Nettie received this gift.

I am attempting to transcribe the diary and find as much information as I can about Monica and Nettie.  Monica (or Mona) was an entertainer (a singer?) and she is on a tour of various cities (Baltimore, St. Louis, Buffalo etc.).  So far she's a mystery! 

Click on the links below for the transcription. Also below are photos of sample pages.  The book measures 6 x 4.5 inches.

Diary Transcripts:     Aug 1903  Sept   Oct  Nov-Apr  End       or download a PDF of the transcripts: Diary PDF

Timelines   Diary timeline and a timeline for Nettie Bryant. These are not complete, slowly we are filling in the blanks.

Special thanks to all who have helped me collect and research information: E. Baker, C. Clogston, M. Fox, J. Kendig, C. Sincich, and M. Walsh.